Secret of Tighten as Maiden-Vaginal Rebirth Kegel Exerciser

Dr. Arnold Kegel, a gynaecologist, was the first to identify the muscles that support the uterus’ pelvic floor, bladder, rectum, and small intestine in 1948. Also referred to as “Kegel muscles,” “PC muscles,” and “satin tail muscles.” Also, non-surgical genital relaxing exercises were created. The “Kegel Movement” practises can help you prevent issues with your pelvic floor, such as incontinence, and can also improve your sex life. The most essential thing is to understand how to locate these Kegel muscles and then exercise them in your everyday life.

PC muscle workouts can also help men improve their pelvic floor muscles.

First and foremost, it is critical to recognise that, with the exception of Kegel exercise and vaginal surgery, therapeutic relaxation is ineffective. Don’t put your faith in topical medications or anything like that. A type of Kegel action is the Kegel ball. The Kegel movement has a 200-times-per-day impact, but the use of the ball is limited. It can only be used at home. If you can’t hold the ball, you cannot play the ball. Do Kegel exercise, you can exercise when you are waiting for work, and then use the Kegel ball after the muscle strength is improved.

Suggest the next pelvic floor muscle training software to follow the program’s planned exercise
There are several kinds of Kegel balls. The traditional one is the gravity ball. The usage needs to be built into the vagina. Then, during the housework and walking, the ball is wrapped by the pelvic floor muscle pressure to achieve the training effect. This kind of training usually takes more than 2 hours to wear the Kegel ball.

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Shrinking the ball is not going to stretch the vagina. Many women often have a misunderstanding that “the vagina is stretched.” Otherwise, the vagina is not muscled for a long time, so the inner wall muscle tissue begins to become slack and gradually Loss of flexibility, as women age and physiology aging, slowly vaginal relaxation becomes larger, so a safe and effective way of shrinking Yin should be adopted, that is, physical exercise shrinkage. This method has been adopted by many gynaecological health hospitals.

The use of the shrunken ball is:

  1. When putting the shrinking ball into the body, you can apply a little lubricant to the end of the ball, but avoid too much so that it is too slippery to control its placement.
  2. Lie down and gently put the shivering ball into the vagina at a gentle speed. If you feel a little difficult, try lifting the pelvis gently before putting it in. Some women think that lifting one leg It will be easier to put in a standing position.

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